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Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Still Hurts

Embroidery: You know what sucks? This still hurts.

For my first attempt at “narrative embroidery” I used a couching stitch, in which I tacked down loose loops of thread with stitches rather like tiny railroad ties to try to replicate my hand writing. I dotted the is with French knots. Lots of figuring things out as I went (the upper line was done after the lower line).

I think an embroidery hoop would have helped, but that does look an awful lot like my handwriting. The actual size of the photo is the actual size of my hand — this was originally a trace of my hand and writing done in disappearing blue ink.

19th Century typesetting, w00t!

Two years ago I injured myself where the pinky connects to the hand. I wore a custom splint and had physical therapy for 3 months, but it never quite healed, probably because I couldn’t stop typing and remain employed as a web developer.

Many important keyboard buttons are hit with the pinky: shift, copy/paste, options, tab, the letter a, for example. I retrained myself to use the ring finger, but I believe the constant tension, wiggling, and flexing prevented healing, as the splint was designed to keep things aligned so they could re-stitch themselves back together. So, every day, especially when I’m quite busy and typing fast (writing or developing), I am distracted by this constant pain that makes me want to pout and whine with frustration. Sometimes, I just have to write by hand, but it’s not an option 99% of the time.

And you can just forget about getting past medium on Guitar Hero - no pinky extensions for me. It’s a crying shame!

“Stitch and Bitch” is right. I feel somewhat better now that I made this, but it still feels like iron filings and loose wires are burning in my left hand. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Having a broken camera also sucks. This is a scan of my first attempt at “narrative embroidery."

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