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Monday, August 10, 2009

Death to All Who Oppose Us! Or Conversations on Health Care

I love the quote I used for the title of this post. It’s spoken by a newly mutated badguy in the original 1981 Heavy Metal animated movie.

The line is actually, “Death! Death! Death to all who oppose us!” and is what I think of whenever I hear monster-shouters* drumming up fear that health care reformation will involve some sort of “death panel” or will mean that old people will be placed in clearly labeled recycling bins.

There is no excuse for such ignorance. But it’s easier to shout what you’re told to show up and yell than to listen to long boring stories about unfair rates, practices, and working people left hanging out to dry. It’s easier than reading or educating yourself just a tad. Death Panels are more fun to think about.

The newest idiocrazy (they’re forcing me to invent words) is that according to Obama’s plan, which is argued to be (but is not at all like) the British plan, Stephen Hawking would “not be allowed to live.” The argument is detailed by Washington Monthly.

Hawking has been a UK citizen all his life. He is now 67 years old, and was even hospitalized last month.

Jay Bookman points out this disturbing (it would be funny, except it’s not) lack of intelligent argument in a publication that likes to think of itself as right-wing intelligentsia.

I wonder if any of those right-wing monster shouters lauding Hawking’s important contributions have actually read anything Stephen Hawking has written. Something tells me they have not.

Stephen Hawkings even updated his ideas in a new book This new one is called A Briefer History of Time, for those lazy people to whom his illustrated and digestible 182 page, glossaried and indexed original might not be accessible enough. Sorry if I sound haughty, but I LIKE Hawking and was super impressed by his original as a young lass.

He draws you friggin’ pictures and charts and pointy arrows! The least you could do is not use his name to spout fallacy.

*Anyone who can reference the book source of the phrase “monster shouter” wins a big, big prize.

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