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The Cult of Done

Back when I was neck deep in thesis outlines, additions, and revisions, Bre Pettis (co-founder of MakerBot) and Kio Stark (writer, do-er, educator, interactorator) co-wrote The Cult of Done Manifesto

Their pragmatic and seemingly merciless list of rules for getting things done redefines what done is, and how to think about drafts. The manifesto addresses things that I’d had grey gobs of anxiety over — why would publishing an idea on the internet feel like a jinx (see #12)? Why do I feel pride rather than the embarrassment expected when women in offices and elevators tell me I need to get my nails done? Ah yes… (see #9).

Is what I’m doing incubation, or procrastination?

Is it Tuesday already and I forgot to post yesterday? Um, yes. This I realized while logging in to finish coding a lovely client site, while fantasizing about the books I’ll read after I finish the book I’m reading. This is actually a pretty chill day for me. Feels like a Saturday, which contributes to that whole forgetting it’s Tuesday thing.

The Done Manifesto haunts and inspires me, reminds me that all these constant internal whirrings, the ones that propel thought and action, are also responsible for the sense of being pulled in too many directions at once.

With these ideas and rules put into words — a comforting list, no less — the whirring of ideas and projects and responsibilities can be set in alignment, so that the done of one feeds the engine of more.

Unlike the sentence that got stuck in my head yesterday “my lack of caffeine is making it difficult to address my lack of caffeine” the statement (see #13) “Done is the engine of more” provides motivation at any stage of doneness.

Posted by mia on 08/04 at 11:24 AM

  1. How have I never read this manifesto before? It is wonderful! In fact, I am going to make it the battle cry of my 27th year. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    Posted by chrissy  on  08/07  at  10:17 AM

  2. r_nash just pointed me to your post...thanks so much for the props and the propagation. The fact that it inspires awesome people like you is what makes me happy about having written it.

    Posted by Kio  on  08/07  at  02:34 PM

  3. Thank you Kio, that is so kind. You’re most welcome.

    Thank you for writing it (and thanks Bre). It’s been great to pass it on to other awesome people.

    Posted by Mia  on  08/07  at  02:47 PM

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