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Knuckle Tattoos

I can’t think of anything better for a Friday night writing constraint.

The words must represent what are, to you, the best knuckle tattoos evar (must be a two-word combo of four words).

What I have so far:

  1. I want this one now. I can’t decide.
  2. as in Fire Walk with Me or doing a fire walk, either way == cool
  3. I would totally start brawls in pubs if I had these
  4. this one probably doesn’t qualify
  5. Clearly I like sissy tattoos
  6. aka Kara Thrace. Battlestar is back tonight!

*Special gang sign throw up to Que Sera Sera for READ WEEP.

Also, a shame that the BAKE CAKE knuckle tattoos featured in billboards for Ace of Cakes aren’t real, because Duff should man up, like this guy who knows about TEAM WORK, as does my s/o who has PITY the FOOL.

Is it so wrong that I want really dorky knuckle tattoos?

Posted by mia on 01/16 at 06:50 PM

  1. 1. FONT FACE
    2. PRIN CESS
    3. KTHX BAI!

    1. You’re a geek aren’t you?
    2. Paris Hilton style
    3. Web 2 point oh

    Posted by Pras Sarkar  on  01/16  at  07:46 PM

  2. Wow those are brill!! (in parlance of Paris types)

    haha I love them. Thanks for playing ;)

    Posted by Mia  on  01/16  at  07:48 PM

  3. my vote’s on EARL GREY.

    also: BSG w00!  :)

    Posted by calvo  on  01/16  at  07:50 PM

  4. YES!

    one vote for EARL GREY! muahahahhaha yes!

    Posted by Mia  on  01/16  at  08:13 PM


    Posted by  on  01/16  at  09:03 PM

  6. PAPA BEAR (!)

    Posted by alesh  on  01/18  at  03:09 PM

  7. Yay! haha I love PAPA BEAR, especially that it works with MAMA BEAR and BABY BEAR.

    Nice submishes!

    Posted by Mia  on  01/18  at  03:12 PM

  8. how about “DUMB IDEA” - no?

    Posted by  on  01/19  at  03:23 PM

  9. Wow, these are amazing. I would have picked BOOK WORM if it wasn’t taken already. Seriously. Having the same knuckles tattoos as someone else would be the opposite of bad ass.

    1. GCHAT 24-7

    1. God, so dumb and nerdy and not even true. I sleep sometimes. But oh well. How did you manage to come up with six awesome ones? I am impressed!

    Posted by chrissy  on  01/19  at  03:24 PM

  10. le sigh. DUMB IDEA, susan, really? So much snark. ;] I can tell you think my idea is the best idea ever.

    I’m going to get another tattoo across the joint at the very tip, and it’s going to say RAWR so when I make a claw you see RAWR.

    Chrissy, I think of these all the time. It’s nothing to be proud of (as susan will surely attest).

    Posted by Mia  on  01/19  at  03:31 PM

  11. On this historic day of Obama’s inauguration I thought of two more:



    Posted by Mia  on  01/20  at  01:26 PM

  12. oh, two moreL a very dated one ....


    and one for susan:


    Posted by Mia  on  01/20  at  01:31 PM

  13. oh actually, PONY RIDE is way better.

    see, it’s a process.

    Posted by Mia  on  01/20  at  01:32 PM

  14. Mia! You’re alive!

    No go on fire walk or star buck. The former trying to hard, and the latter clearly missing an “s” at the end, sadly. Bookworm and earl grey are FTW.

    Posted by Jeremiah Blatz  on  02/01  at  12:43 PM

  15. Jer! She lives!

    you mean like Starbucks coffee? I am so not a starbucks drinker i didn’t remember that’s how most people would see it. Naw, I mean Starbuck, as the fighter pilot from space =D

    xoxo WORD —i think to be most legit to myself it would have to be BOOK WORM or EARL GREY

    thanks bunny! miss ya.

    Posted by Mia  on  02/01  at  02:32 PM

  16. Ah!  How come I didn’t stumble upon this blog entry until today.  This could become wonderfully entertaining cocktail gab/game.

    Posted by Elle  on  02/03  at  12:45 AM

  17. Was just thinking about the time before anyone knew what Twitter was, when it was just me and a few friends with maybe a thousand others playing on the beta version. Which of course means I just thought of an awesome new knuckle tattoo:



    Posted by Mia  on  02/09  at  11:31 AM

  18. the perfect and more cliché perhaps…


    Posted by Grajeda  on  06/15  at  02:48 AM

  19. You might be able to get “MINT JELLY” if you ligature the two Ls.
    Hope you get some ink done!

    Posted by sue n  on  07/21  at  03:49 PM

  20. oh i love that you used “ligature.”

    that’s a nice idea! yeah i hope i get some ink done too, it’s all lined up but the guy is out of town.

    also, i’ll have to break the ink seal before i can get knuckle tattoos.

    yeah i know, i know. i’ve been *not* getting tattoos out of spite.... i still sort of feel that way.

    it’s like not liking someone with a certain name and that name being ruined. i’m trying to get over that. i realize this doesn’t make sense.

    Posted by mia  on  07/21  at  04:05 PM

  21. I like sissy tatoos too.

    Posted by green laser pointer  on  09/28  at  11:30 AM

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