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We’ve been having long days and late nights around these parts. Brett MacFadden came in yesterday morning from San Francisco to help install Lubalin Now, “The inaugural exhibition in the newly re-located Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography” which is in the new building at 41 Cooper Square. From what I’ve seen of the pieces that will be in the show (including Brett’s work) and the work they’ve done thus far on the installation, it’s going to be super, super cool. The exhibition is free and open to the public. I hope to see you there!

I didn’t know this until last night, but Brett and his studio partner Scott Thorpe recently designed/made a book called Hot Type(Chronicle Books). It’s a weighty, mesmerizing envelope containing 30 typographic fabric transfers, iron-ons of words, phrases, and alphabets that reward the urge to get some DIY on. The custom type is different on every sheet, but they all feel like they’re part of the same movement (I’m totally going to refrain from pretending to know how to talk about type).

Earlier today Maayan Pearl tweeted a link to a 2010 Calendar done by Post Typography, who also have work featured in the Lubalin Now Exhibition.

I can’t wait to have time to do crafty stuff again. I’ve been hanging out with more than a couple unfinished hand-made book and monster projects. Not to mention Expression Engine 2 is finally coming out in the beginning of December. That update has been long in coming, and it’s a big reason (excuse) why I haven’t done my mintjelly overhaul yet. For instance, I bookmark interesting and useful things, but you probably don’t go looking at my Delicious. I need to make that an easier option, rig a better way to place photos, and generally make things more sensical. Hopefully there will be much rejoicing. 

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