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Brooklyn Book Festival and NYC Comic Con FTW

Brooklyn Book Festival — Now with more Win!

I should have guessed he had something cool in the works. Lance Festerman, whose article I gleefully responded to last week, announced on his blog MediumAtLarge, that this year’s Brooklyn Book Festival will include a whole pavilion dedicated to NYC ComicCon.

The official NYC ComicCon won’t happen again until October 8-10, 2010. I went to the last one in 2008, and it was indeed w00tworthy. I met the super nice Bill Plympton and attended Chip Kidd’s talk on Bat-Manga, as well as talked to many independent artists and comic book authors like The Bazzarium, Chemistry Set Comics, Chatterbox Comics, Hanaroda, and found lovingly made works by Yali Lin.

Last year’s Brooklyn Book Festival (BBF) was on a warm sunny day, and I wandered around Borough Hall where I ran into many friends, met author Kelly Link (j’adore!) listened to my then-professor Phillip Lopate give a reading of his new fiction, as well as talked to reps from small and large pub imprints, book makers like the Purgatory Pie Press and spent all my moneys on beautiful books

If my guess is right, Comic Con might have the whole (or a nice chunk of) the outdoor pavilion where booths were set up last time. Or maybe they’ll have one of the cool history library type places that are nested in and among the buildings in that area. I used to live on State St., right around the corner; it’s a great spot. Sounds like it’s going to be extra fun this year: Sunday, September 13, 2009. 

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