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Ben Mirov Interviews Justin Taylor

As I write this, I’m still laughing my face off over something Justin Taylor says at the end of his interview with Ben Mirov on BombBlog, through a little word-association:


JT: If the circumstances that led to your need for this deferment still exist, you may be eligible to extend the deferment, or there may be other types of deferment or forbearance for which you may qualify if you need to further postpone repayment on your loans.

Justin graduated from my MFA creative writing program at The New School the year before I began, and introduced himself to me at a student reading one night after I read. Ben Mirov is also an alum of my MFA program, same years that I attended, and currently serves with me as a poetry editor on LIT magazine.

Now that I’m a graduate, I’ll have the learning experience and community forever, and those loans hanging over my head for almost as long. I deal with that verbiage Justin recites every single month.

Justin Taylor’s new book, Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever is available now, and getting fantastic reviews from notable places. Get it on Powell’s, Amazon, or your local bookish store.

Posted by mia on 02/10 at 02:15 PM

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