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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Superman and Green Lantern Ain't Got Nothing On Me

It says, “I think the rising popularity of comic book hero stuff might have something to do with the same kind of fear that inspired them in the first place.”

Pretty sure that little Batman logo was once the chest sticker of a Batman action figure. 

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

D.F.W. on Political Writing

From David Foster Wallace’s tremendous 2003 interview with Dave Eggars:

My own belief, perhaps starry-eyed, is that since fictionists or literary-type writers are supposed to have some special interest in empathy, in trying to imagine what it’s like to be the other guy, they might have some useful part to play in a political conversation that’s having the problems ours is. Failing that, maybe at least we can help elevate some professional political journalists who are (1) polite, and (2) willing to entertain the possibility that intelligent, well-meaning people can disagree, and (3) able to countenance the fact that some problems are simply beyond the ability of a single ideology to represent accurately.

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Cory Doctorow on Copyright Reform

Cory Doctorow’s essay: Why I Copyfight.

There’s a word for all the stuff we do with creative works — all the conversing, retelling, singing, acting out, drawing, and thinking: we call it culture. Culture’s old. It’s older than copyright.
The existence of culture is why copyright is valuable. The fact that we have a bottomless appetite for songs to sing together, for stories to share, for art to see and add to our visual vocabulary is the reason that people will pay money for these things.
The reason copyright exists is because culture creates a market for creative works. If there was no market for creative works, there’d be no reason to care about copyright. Content isn’t king: culture is. The reason we go to the movies is to have something to talk about.

Article topic notwithstanding, it was hard not to copy/paste every elucidating sentence.

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